There are different types of climates in different regions. Some regions experience mild winters and extreme summers, while some regions have pleasant sunny summers and harsh winters. Then there are places where it is winter all the year around, only varying in the intensity and bringing with it severe hailstorms, snow storms and sleet. In places like this, heating equipment is of paramount importance. With the advancement of science and technology, there have been the introductions of many kinds of heating devices with different specifications and unique qualities to suit the various needs of different people.

Overview of the corp lifelux infrared heater

When a region has winter all the year around, constant heating of spaces is in order for a comfortable and healthy living. However, most heating techniques and equipment release carbon monoxide and dangerous fumes, which are very dangerous. And when you must be around them for so long, it can be life threatening. To avoid this, infrared heaters have been invented. One of the best and most trusted companies for infrared heater is lifesmart. Their latest model is one with all the great qualities of a great space heater. Here are some of the more salient features:

Innovative design: No other model on the market has such an innovative design as this model. The quart infrared elements are wrapped in metal exchange coil. There are 8 infrared coils that ensure better heating which lasts longer, yet takes less time to heat up. This means that less dangerous and economic heating, that lasts and lasts.

Purifies air: This is another great feature of this heater. This is done by the ionizer and filter that is built in the heater. As it heats, it pulls the dust and pollution out of the room, hence purifying it.

Economical: One of the greatest headaches of the current time is economic use of energy, whether it is electricity or heat. This heater manages to take care of this problem very well. This heater uses energy very economically, as it uses only up to fifteen hundred watts. Not only this but also, it is capable of heating the smaller rooms up to sixty eight degrees centigrade only at five hundred watts.

Beautifully made: Just because it is a space heater doesn’t mean that it has to spoil the look of your room interior. This space heater is made of oak wood , designed like an old fashioned fireplace, that imparts a rustic and vintage appearance to the room. This not only heats your rooms economically, but also adds beauty and appeal to your surroundings.

Pros and cons


  •      Well made
  •      Sturdy
  •      Economical
  •     Effective and efficient


  •    The wires are not strong enough to handle the heat

 What the customer say about it?

The customers who purchased this product were very satisfied with it. They were satisfied with the results, and said that the results were just as promised. They gave the product a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.


Based on personal experience, as well as from the customer testimonials, it is clear that this product is a must buy for anyone living in a severe climate. Therefore, you must buy it  for full comfort and economy.