There are dissimilar types of temperatures in various areas of the world. While some regions undergo a mixture of high temperatures, low temperature or a mixture of both, there are places where it is severe cold the entire year with only the intensity of the cold varying with the months.  Hails, snowstorm, fleets and cold rains are a norm of cold regions. In places with such severe climate, it is important to stay warm enough for survival. As science and technology have made progress, there has been a variety of heating equipment.

 Overview of the corp lifelux infrared heater with remote

When there is winter in a place all the time, it is paramount to keep warm effectively. However, constant use of heaters can have many problems, both economic as well as health related. First of all, most electric heaters use too much electricity, which makes the bills shoot up even if it is winger. If you use a gas fire or fireplace, there is always a chance of carbon monoxide inhalation that may prove fatal. To combat these problems, space heaters were invented. One of the best companies for space heater is lifelux, the specifications of one on of their products is below:

Innovative design: This model has a very innovative designed, since its eight infrared coils are packed into a metal heat exchanger coil. This is a very unique technology that is only employed by Lifellux. This enables the heater to heat up in less time, hence warming the room quickly, while, producing heat that will stay in the room for long even after the heater has been switched off.

Air purifier: With a built in air filter and purifier, the Lifelux space heater takes the cake. This is an action that most heaters can’t do. The purifying process that takes place while heating makes sure that you breathe in clean air while enjoying the warmth.

Economical: Heating up economically is one of the biggest hassles of current life. Whether you r are using gas, coals or electricity, everyone has it shortcomings. This space heater however, manages your expenses by heating up economically. With maximum heating done only at fifteen hundred watts, this heater proves that it is a brand that can be trusted. You can heat a small space up to sixteen degrees at only five hundred watts.

Remote controlled: Do you hate it when you have to leave the warm cocoon of your blanket and couch and move across the room adjust the heat of the heater. Nobody likes to move around much in dead winter, and Lifelux solves that for you too. This heater comes with a remote control which lets you manage the controls from across the room with a simple flick of wrist.

Pros and cons


  • Beautifully made
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Competent


  • The wires are not resilient enough to take and bear the heat

What the customer say about it?

Most of the customers who bought this product said that it was worth the money. Not only did it look great in the room, it worked to perfection. They gave it 4.1 out of a total of 5 stars.


This product is a must buy, and this can be safely said following the numerous positive customer feedback as well a using it personally for some time. It is effective, and beautifully designed to fit your surroundings. So go ahead and buy this product to make your winters more beautiful.