Although space heaters are well known to provide adequate heating to chilly rooms, they can also prove dangerous and hazardous. With winter fast approaching people are running to departmental stores to stock up on their space heaters because unlike conventional heaters these ones employ less electricity, look great with the furniture and are comparatively much safer as well. However, with everything hot it is important to take into consideration safe ways of using space heaters.

Right size matters

The best space heater is one that goes perfectly with the size of the room that it is placed in. Therefore, it is highly important that you get the right measurements of the space heater as well as the space where it will be placed in so that you can find it the best spot amongst all the furniture. Moreover an out of proportion space heater might either lead to overheating of over consumption of electricity thus running up your bills.

They need their own space

Keep in mind; although a space heater gels very well in its surrounding, it requires its own space as well. This is because combustible objects if kept too close to the heater have a tendency of catching fire. Hence, it is recommended that you keep your heater at a minimum 3 feet distance from surrounding furniture and combustible objects. Moreover, it is always good to place space heaters on flat surfaces and out of passages so they don’t get knocked over easily.

Tip over safety switch

The most recent models of space heaters come with a highly innovative safety switch which makes sure to immediately turn off the heater incase it gets caught up in something and trips over. Moreover, there are also heating sensors found in space heaters that shut down the heater in case it gets too hot. Overheating is another safety issue that should be strongly kept in mind.

Ventilation is important

With winters approaching everyone is getting in the mood to cuddle and get cozy. And in the attempts of making this happen we usually don’t take into account ventilation. Checking for ventilation is especially important in gas heaters. This is because gas heaters tend to produce harmful fumes that are unhealthy for the inhabitants using them. Moreover, although space heaters are usually portable in households, make sure they have adequately ventilation.

Wall plug-ins

Since space heaters tend to usually use high wattage, it is always good to plug them directly into wall sockets rather than into extension wires or multi outlet plugs. This is because high wattage items can cause fires if used with extension cords that are not usually built to withstand a lot of electricity. Moreover, wall plug-ins these days come with the ability to set off a particular fuse than take down the entire house in case something goes wrong.

Space heaters are great for compact as well as extensive spaces depending on their size and model. Being well aware of how your space heater works is the first step in determining its worth. Moreover, with the right knowledge you will also be reducing costs, maintenance and hazard costs.