Best Space Heaters; let’s get cozy!

With the ever increasing cold weather due to increased global warming, everyone is trying to look for efficient and effective ways of making their surroundings warm and cozy. The cold weather is a terrible agent for spreading sickness and therefore it is important that we take the right measures that not only are convenient but also cost effective. This is where the concept of space heaters comes in.  A space heater is a compact and portable heating unit that you can place anywhere around the house, workplace, school and so on.

But with the varying kinds of space heaters available in the market how can one be sure about which one to get? Some people may rely on space heater reviews but then the same people complain about many issues that they face in the following year. This is primarily because these reviews are mostly written for promotional purposes where the actual needs of the customer are not addressed properly. To save you the added cost and effort that you would otherwise put into looking for the best space heater made for you, we have put together this article so that the heater that you do eventually go for is the one that keeps you warm and cozy for all subsequent winters ahead.

Brief overview on Space heaters

Unlike the golden days that comprised of space heathers that worked on either gasoline or coals, today’s advancements have left all these primordial inventions way behind! Now when you step into an electronic store you will be bombarded with an array of space heaters that all claim to be the best space heaters that money can buy. Each heater in the isle will vary according to its expertise and model make. The most common you will see are the electronic space heaters that within themselves also consist of varying options. From infrared to fan blowers, your options are unlimited but heater that is able to adequately heat up your desired space in prime time is the right one to get.

Although each space heater comes with many specific advantages of their own, our team of analysts has indentified a trend based on overall benefits associated with purchasing a space heater:

  • Electronic space heaters are much more cost effective and affordable than gasoline run heaters.
  • Safety is very important and the electronic space heaters will never over heat up to cause any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Lowest of the low maintenance costs associated with electronic space heaters.
  • Environmentally friendly as don’t emit any harmful emissions.

The best Space heaters money can buy!

Within the electronic heaters capacity you will come across many models from varying manufacturers. With an amateur space heater buyer such as you, these can become seriously confusing and make it hard for you to come to a calculated and right decision. Therefore, to save you all the trouble associated with excessive researching and worrying, we have put together this article that comprises of the best electronic heaters in the market today.

And not only have we just mentioned their names, but also added additional important information regarding each of them that makes them special and worth buying. Scroll below and you shall see.

Best Space HeatersProduct DimensionsProduct WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsSee At Amazon
Dr Infrared Heater

Dr Infrared Heater

13 x 11 x 16 inches23 pounds Read More1,903 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Lifesmart 6 Element

Lifesmart 6 Element

14 x 12.7 x 17.6 inches33 poundsRead More232 customer reviews See At Amazon
Lifesmart Corp Lifelux

Lifesmart Corp Lifelux

16.2 x 15.2 x 18.5 inches37 pounds Read More456 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
The NewAir G73 240V

The NewAir G73 240V

9 x 9.5 x 14 inches16.7 pounds Read More 160 customer reviews See At Amazon
6 Element Infrared Heater

6 Element Infrared Heater

16 x 13 x 16.5 inches26.3 poundsRead More 367 customer reviews See At Amazon

Dr Infrared Space Heater


  • Dual heating system:

Dr. Heater is the first ever space heater that comes with a dual heating system for fast and affective heating in any sized room. The infrared heating system combines with the convectional heating system to phenomenally increase the heating transfer rate so that there are no cold spots left anywhere.

  • Quiet and proficient functioning:

Who wants to bear the uncomfortable noise of the heating machine in the background? Therefore, the manufacturers of Dr. Heater have put together a product that is as quiet as a mouse! The 7 inch blower manages to produces large quantities of warm air but release it slowly so as to minimize any noise that would otherwise be made.

  • Delivers 60% more heat:

While wattage readings are only as good as letting you know about the amount of electricity that will be required for the efficient running of your heater, Dr. Heater was built to produce over 250 degrees of heat in less than 4 minutes compared to its contemporaries that produce only 155 degrees in less than 2 minutes.

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Lifesmart 6 Element Wood Cabinet and Remote


  • Adaptable:

Other than the obvious modern and beautiful design of the Lifesmart 6, it is also very adaptable to any kind of surrounding. At only 14.8×12×18.9 inches, this is a compact and portable space heater that can be placed in any corner or area of the room without looking odd. Moreover, you don’t even have to carry it around as it can be easily rolled around due to its wheel base.

  • Safety measures:

When it comes to any kind of heaters, parents and guardians are usually on edge because they worry about accidents caused by thermostatic shocks. But the Lifesmart 6 assures you that it is safe to be used around children and toddlers. Moreover, there is also an air filter built inside the heater which assures you clean and healthy air all throughout its working life.

  • Eco-friendly technology:

In regular running, the Lifesmart 6 would use 1500 watts of energy like most space heaters occasionally do, but you also have the option of turning on a special ECO mode. The eco-technology has taken this beautiful space heart to a completely new level as it reduces the energy used to 500 watts but at the same time ensures the same amount of heating. This way you are not only cutting costs but also reducing your overall energy usage.

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Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Infrared Heater


  • Great for big spaces:

The Lifesmart Ultimate 8 is built to work effectively in a variety of areas; big as well as small. However, users seem to prefer its robust functioning best for large rooms since it is said to make them warm in optimal time. Moreover, there is also a 9 hour starting and stopping timer that works according to the temperature maintained.

  • Beautifully crafted:

Looks obviously matter as no one like to have an unattractive piece in any important part of their houses. This is a fact fully covered by the Lifesmart Ultimate 8 which comes with a beautifully crafted and oak finish look which resembles an elegant cabinet in any stylish household.

  • Saves energy:

Research has established this space heater as one of the few heaters to reduce energy usage to over 30% and thus dubbing it a healthier option compared to its contemporaries. The Lifesmart Ultimate 8 is able to cut back energy to 500 watts from the initial 1500 watts to heat up large and small rooms at an optimal temperature of 68̊ F.

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NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater


  • Durability and coverage:

This heavy duty garage heater is known to take over 450 sq. ft of space and turn it into a warm and cozy incubator in optimal time. The steel design is tough wearing which means this space heater is a lifetime investment and will never let you down even on snowing days.

  • Safety is key:

With advanced heating system the NewAir G73 garage heater is the epitome of safety. It makes sure to turn off on its own once the desired room temperature is met thus reducing over heating costs and also cuts off the thermal heating if the unit gets too hot. The manufacturers have assured the customer base that the product is made of the best of the best equipment thus making it a superiorly reliable product.

  • Easy installation:

Installing a space heater couldn’t get any easier than this. With no added requirements for a plug usage, this robust garage heater can simply be hardwired for optimal usage. Moreover, the manufacturers have also provided a mounting bracket incase the customer decides to install the garage heater in the wall or ceiling.

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Lifesmart Large Room 6 Infrared Heater


  • Ari filters:

The Lifesmart Large Room 6 comes with a lifetime air filters which means you can enjoy clean and fresh heating in style for a very long time. It also ensures that your heater doesn’t clog up and malfunction.

  • 12 hours working time:

Unlike its contemporaries, the Lifesmart Large Room 6 works on a bigger scale. Thus, allowing the user up to 12 hours of nonstop heating without posing any extra circumstantial threats.

  • Proficiency to the core:

The Lifesmart Large Room 6 has been found to heat up 38% better and faster than air electric heaters and 45% better than electric heaters. This is because of its state of the art infrared heating system which only requires a total of 1500 watts to fire up.

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You know you are itching to get your hands on a compact and decent space heater because let’s face it, winter is coming. And it will get really cold and you will long for a miracle to cozy you up. But by then it will be too late and the prices of space heaters will be going off the charts. So we recommend you to reconsider and buy a good electrical heater that not only supports you financially but also keeps your winter blues away.